2013 Chapter Member Experience Survey Results

Society Update Logo Main ArticleThe 2013 Chapter Members Experience Survey was completed by 4,363 members, with another 18 filling out a version translated into Spanish. This is a 62% increase in responses from the 2012 survey where 2,702 ASSE members completed the survey.  This year, the regional vice presidents and chapters worked together to increase participation by directly asking both active and nonactive chapter members to provide input. As a result, this year’s survey took a closer look at member activity.

Active Chapter Members

  • Ranked their chapter as the third most important benefit of ASSE membership.
  • 46% ranked their chapter experience as very high.
  • The number one reason they are involved with chapters is the networking opportunities.
  • These members highly value the meetings and communications they receive from chapters.
  • Tend to be unaware of opportunities for group studies for certifications.
  • They are also unaware of chapters’ social media presence.
  • Value the ability to gain insights from other SH&E professionals.

Nonactive Chapter Members

  • Ranked their chapter as the 11th  most important benefit of ASSE membership.
  • 52% ranked their chapter experience as neutral.
  • The number one reason they are not involved with chapters is lack of time.
  • Meeting time and location combined for the second most important reason for not being active.
  • Those who are active with other organizations are often involved with another safety organization.
  • They tend to be active with other organizations because their mission is personal. 

ASSE chapters will be reviewing their individual results to understand better what they do well, and where they have opportunities to improve. Chapters will gain a better understanding of what they can do to get more members involved. The outlook is good as shown by one key statistic: two-thirds of active chapter members are willing to increase their volunteer involvement with their chapter.