2014 ASSE Safety Innovation Award Presented to Ali Hasan Al-Failakawi

InnovateAt Safety 2014 in Orlando, FL, ASSE named Ali Hasan Al-Failakawi the winner of the 2014 Award for Innovation in Occupational Safety Management for implementing a road safety program that helped reduce motor vehicle incidents. The award was sponsored by Cintas Corp., provider of on-site safety services and training solutions.

CintasInnovation2014_Al-Failakawi_DBP-267A professional member of ASSE’s Kuwait Chapter, Al-Failakawi is an occupational safety and health team leader for the Kuwait Oil Co., an oil and gas utility with more than 30,000 employees who travel more than 5 million miles each month. Al-Failakawi and his team initiated a program to promote safe driving. To develop the program, the team created a process called “SPEED-Management.” SPEED is an acronym that describes a multi-directional approach covering the following areas:

  • Surveillance, including fleet controls and prevailing driving practices;
  • Policies, suitable and appropriate;
  • Engineering approach and solutions;
  • Enforcement of rules and regulations;
  • Driver awareness program.

“We’re truly inspired by the unique strategies and programs that organizations have implemented in an effort to improve workplace safety,” says 2013-14 ASSE President Kathy A. Seabrook. “Al-Failakawi and his team stood out for their dedication to promote safe driving whether employees were working or off the clock.”

“Every organization should make ongoing safety a priority and this award highlights the best programs and tools of today,” says Cintas’s Dan Braun. “We hope the ideas from the winner and honorable mentions encourage organizations to analyze their current safety programs and identify ways they can take them to the next level.”