Arizona Members Welcome Counterparts From Saudi Arabia

Members of ASSE’s Arizona and Southern Arizona chapters welcomed safety professionals from Saudi Arabia for an event on Oct. 14, 2013. A group of five safety specialists, Waleed Aggad, Omar Al-Omar, Ali Al-Humaid, Dakheelallah Al-Aommr and Ahmad Al-Rashed, from Saudi Electricity Co. were part of a group headed by ASSE member Ron McKinnon that was auditing the City of Phoenix’s Water Services 5 Star Safety System. “This was an incredible opportunity for our team to meet local ASSE members during our time here,” says McKinnon. Long-time ASSE member and international ambassador Jitendra Patel, who played a hand in organizing the event, gave the visitors a special welcome and discussed the many benefits of ASSE membership.


Members of ASSE’s Arizona and Southern Arizona chapters welcome visiting safety team from Saudi Arabia.

Attendees from the ASSE Southern Arizona Chapter including President-Elect Randy Rogers-Gardner and Chapter Delegate Mark Grushka. Arizona Chapter attendees included Past President Tim Page-Bottorff, Jeremy Bethancourt, Jackie Ruggles, Wayne Carroll, Adel Assaf, Mellissa Schmalz and Jonathan Klane. City of Phoenix Water personnel included Lisa Nevitt (project manager and director of safety and training) and staff members Manny San Miguel, Jeff Baker and Chris Strand.

[From left]: ASSE members Ron McKinnon and Jitu Patel.

[From left]: ASSE members Ron McKinnon and Jitu Patel.

Patel adds, “We successfully made [our visitors] understand the benefits of becoming part of [ASSE’s] Middle East Chapter for continued networking locally in Saudi Arabia and in the region. They are going to share the message with their colleagues and employers to follow in their footsteps to become part of ASSE’s global family.”