ASSE Announces Three New Student Sections

ASSE has been growing in membership and to add to that growth, the Society, with the assistance of chapters in Region II and III, has launched three new student sections.

BYU Student Section members at Snow Canyon State Park.

BYU Student Section members at Snow Canyon State Park.

In February 2014, the Utah Chapter partnered with Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, UT, and the Southern Arizona Chapter partnered with University of Arizona in Tuscan, AZ, to form two new student sections, and last month the Gulf Coast Chapter partnered with the University of Houston – Downtown, in Houston, TX, to officiate their student section.

ASSE Student Sections are designed to enhance the student experience by providing opportunities for students to learn more about their chosen field through guest lectures, field trips and educational events. While these sections were only recently recognized by ASSE as official student sections, they have been operating for a number of years.

Student members of the BYU ASSE student section recently had an opportunity to hear from guest presenters from the OSHA Salt Lake Technical Center, Liberty Mutual and the graduate program at the University of Utah. They also had the chance to participate in a number of field trips including a trip to a local cast iron pipe foundry, a field trip to a local natural gas drilling and telemetry company, a field trip to IM Flash (a joint Micron and Intel company). In 2014, members even had the opportunity to go on a 3-day field trip to St. George, UT and Snow Canyon State Park to conduct safety surveys of new facilities and participate in service projects including cleaning up garbage inside the lava caves. According to Mark Lindley, section vice president at BYU, the section aims to incorporate 3 to 4 activities each semester.

In addition to increasing their knowledge and networking skills, these opportunities offer students a chance to build their resume.

Over the past two years, leaders of the University of Houston – Downtown student section have been working diligently to help student members in their future career by lobbying for ABET accreditation of their university’s Safety Management program. Pushing from ABET accreditation will help future students find career opportunities after graduation. Prof. Albert V. Condello, ASP, CHMM, faculty advisor of the section, also urges his student members to pursue certifications while still in school. With help from outside organizations he has been able to organize guest lecturers and exam preparation courses to peak interest.

Members of the University of Houston – Downtown student section have also had an opportunity to attend ASSE’s annual Professional Development Conference, leadership conferences and other local safety events.

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