ASSE Building Collaborative Relationship With Air Force

A collaborative relationship between the Air Force Safety Center (AFSC) and ASSE is underway after Tim Fisher and Tom Kerschner visited the Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico.

The Sept. 7 trip was the first time ASSE staff members visited the base.

AFSC develops, implements, evaluates and executes safety policies for the Air Force. It is charged with overseeing mishap investigations their corrective actions. The agency also conducts research to promote safety awareness and mishap prevention.

During the meeting, Fisher and Kerschner discussed ways to grow collaboration between the Air Force and ASSE through publications and professional conferences. They also discussed professional development.

“We met with them to talk about membership options and ideas, training ideas and ways to get people who are separating from the airfare to go into safety,” Fisher, ASSE director of standards and technical services, says.

Since their visit, on-site professional development standards, potential access to ASSE resources for U.S. Air Force Safety personnel and use of ASSE standards across the Air Force are begun to go underway.

Kerschner, ASSE account executive, says the meeting will benefit both ASSE and the Air Force. “It was a great meeting,” Kercshner says. “They were so professional and so polite, I left there wanting to work really hard for them.”

“We’ve come back and worked pretty hard on this [collaboration] and I really want it to work for them,” he says. “Partly because I think it’s the right thing to do for ASSE, partly because I think it’s a good thing to do for the Air Force and partly on a personal matter,” Kercshner says. “They’re professional leaders. You can see why they became leaders of men and women. They’re very smart, they work very hard, they’ve studied very hard and they have old-world manners, which to me, means a lot,” he paused. “You want to work hard for these guys.”

ASSE Account Executive Tom Kerschner (left) and ASSE Standards and Technical Services Director Tim Fisher (right) visit the Air Force Safety Center, Kirtland Air Force Base, NM, on Sept 7, 2016.
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