ASSE Elects New Leaders


ASSE’s 2013 election results were announced April 9, 2013, by Terrie Norris, CSP, ARM, CPSI, Chair, ASSE’s Nominations and Elections Committee, who added that 4,772 ballots were received for a return rate of 14%. Here is ASSE’s leadership team for 2013-15:

Society Offices

President: Kathy Seabrook

President-Elect: Trish Ennis

Senior Vice President: Mike Belcher

Vice President, Professional Affairs: Jim Smith

Vice President, Professional Development: Christine Sullivan

Region Offices

Region I: Erike Young

Region III: Alan Brown

Region V: Scott Huberty

Region VII: Tara R. Falin

Area Offices

Region II, Area B: Dustin Richartz

Region IV, Louisiana Area: Lance Roux

Region IV, South Florida Area: Karen Metz

Region VIII, Keystone Area: Aaron Cameron

Region VIII, Metropolitan Area: Frank Gesualdo