ASSE Expands Its International Outreach

ASSE President Rick Pollock, CSP, and Yassie Dunn, ASSE’s manager, global growth and development, recently visited Texas A&M University campus in Qatar. They spoke with students and faculty about the importance of the safety profession and the Society’s role in elevating the profession around the globe through education and advocacy. The visit was organized by ASSE member David Onchagwa, the university’s EH&S manager. According to Dunn, several students indicated interest in becoming student members of ASSE, and assistant professor Luc Vechot, Ph.D., volunteers to support an initiative to create a student section in Qatar.

ASSE President Rick Pollock and member David Onchagwa on the Texas A&M campus in Qatar.

Pollock addresses students in Qatar, discussing ASSE’s role in elevating the profession worldwide through education and advocacy.