ASSE Fellow & Past President Darryl Hill on the Construction Practice Specialty

ASSElogo_featureASSE Fellow and Past President Darryl Hill, Ph.D., CSP, recently talked to ASSE about his involvement with ASSE’s Construction Practice Specialty and how members can get involved.

ASSE: What can members contribute to the group?

Darryl: I have always said in my numerous travels and in my presentations—we all have our stories that we can share. We all have knowledge we can expand as what I would like to refer to is our body of knowledge. What can members contribute? This is always my challenge: Submit an article to the Construction Practice Specialty newsletter. That is always information that is going to help our members and our profession. There are resources out there that can take your ideas and thoughts and turn them into a very good paper or article. Once they get comfortable with that, look at submitting a proposal to the conference and share that information. (Also) through webinars—I think that’s a tangible way of providing that input of how we can share those best practices and lessons learned in health and safety.

ASSE: What should people not familiar with the group know about it?

Darryl: I think it is an excellent resource to increase their core competencies for construction health and safety. There are so many good, timely technical application-type articles in the newsletter that can really serve or help the EHS professional become more impactful in their day-to-day activities. Even though you might be a member and not really utilizing those quarterly newsletters to your advantage, I think that is a missed opportunity.

If they have not had the opportunity to attend an annual conference, I know that those construction safety forums at PDC are the best-kept secret. I would be remiss to not mention a plug for the construction safety, management and engineering textbook published by ASSE. I think it is a tremendous resource in terms of adding to the body of knowledge.