ASSE Foundation Announces 2016 Family Scholarship Award Recipients

ASSE Foundation has announced its 2016 Family Scholarship Award recipients.

Hannah Pinkerton of Lincoln, NE, and Tristan Bainum of Alta, IA, each received $10,000.

Pinkerton, a junior at Doane College in Crete, NE, is a double major in elementary and special education, and Bainum is a freshman at Iowa Central Community College majoring in engineering technology and design.

The ASSE Foundation developed the Family Scholarship Fund in 2013 to provide financial assistance to families affected by a workplace fatality. Pinkerton’s father was killed in a motor vehicle accident while working for UPS in 2005. Bainum’s father was electrocuted while repairing a large circuit breaker at an Iowa City, IA, mine in 2009.

Pinkerton’s interest in special education is because her father, Michael, and her brother, Ben, have ADHD. “Education was so important to my dad,” she says, “He invested so much in it, sending us to private Catholic schools and always telling us how much it matters. I want to take my education to a place where I can help others.”

Bainum draws on his father, Tadd’s, work ethic and humility every day. “He showed me how to be kind, how to care for others and always try to do the right thing. I always knew I could go to college, and I wanted to be able to make him proud of the kind of man I turned out to be.”

“We hope to offer families touched by tragedy the strength and hope to rebuild their lives,” says ASSE Foundation Chair Michael Murray. “The mission of the Foundation is to advance the safety profession, and we believe part of that is doing what we can to support these members of our community, those who have suffered such a loss.”

Learn more on the scholarship website and from this YouTube video featuring former OSHA Administrator John Henshaw, who was instrumental in creating the award.