ASSE in Pakistan

The year 2015 has started with positive potential in the field of safety engineering in Pakistan. Several safety professionals along with some energetic engineering students have energized efforts to raise awareness of safety. The first milestone was the event on Feb. 3, 2015; the leadership group looking to form an ASSE chapter in Pakistan held its first guidance workshop for the young engineers at the Institute of Chemical Engineering & Technology (ICET), University of the Punjab in Pakistan. The workshop was entitled “Importance of Industrial Safety for an Engineer’s Career.” The focus was to signify the importance of safety knowledge for the career of engineering professionals. This also included an introduction to ASSE’s purpose and mission.


Mudassar Azam made an introductory speech to launch the occasion. His speech was followed by the title presentation from Shahzad Rasheed, Umair Aslam Butt5 and Gul Khan, founding members of the ASSE Pakistan leadership team. Muhammad Usman Khan also spoke about industrial safety. Audience participation was exceptional and the event ended with a question-and-answer session.

The chapter formation team received more than 50 applications for ASSE membership, a number expected to grow due to building interest among students and safety professionals in the country.

This event is the historic milestone for ASSE in Pakistan, and it demonstrates the appeal that exists for safety engineering in the country.