ASSE Launches Student Sections in India

ASSE is breaking new ground in India. The country has already made headway in SH&E by hosting the International Conference on Safety, which was held Oct. 12-13 at the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar in Gujarat. Taking place just months after the India Chapter was chartered, the event featured an ASSE-sponsored keynote session.

Since the conference, ASSE has launched three new student sections:

ASSE NICMAR Student Section members and faculty

ASSE Fellow Jitu Patel, CPEA, was instrumental in organizing these chapters/sections and events. According to Patel, India’s growing population and economy have led to new developments in many sectors, from construction and manufacturing to healthcare and academics.

“This growth will also call for matching inputs from occupational safety and health issues in terms of technical and advisory services, safety equipment and products, training and skill development, competence enhancement, promotion and advocacy, inspections and audits, and more,” Patel says. This is only the start of ASSE’s progress in India. Patel is working to add more chapters throughout the country to ultimately “bring health and safety to every corner of India.”

“Safety is everyone’s business,” he says.