ASSE NOVA Chapter Hosts Chinese Delegation

Triway Inc., a Chinese firm that coordinates visitors from China, placed a request to ASSE’s NOVA Chapter for a spokesperson to speak to a delegation about safety. The delegation was headed by Zhao Jinming, Vice Counsel Gansu provincial administration of work safety. The chapter outreached to Vince Miller, Region VI Vice President and Yassie Dunn, ASSE Manager, Global Growth and Development, to help with plans.


On April 5, 2013, the Chinese delegation from the province of Gansu met with ASSE members in Virginia. The NOVA Chapter, represented by Vincent P. Courtemanche, President and David Wenzel, President-Elect, gave presentations on construction safety and SH&E from a local government agency and challenges for their fields. In addition, Miller provided an overview of ASSE, the Society and its member resources, including the Body of Knowledge system, and an overview of all the SH&E courses upcoming at our PDC.  Zhao’s primary interest was in the mining and construction area and pollution control. The delegation was amazed at the wide area of presenters and the resources our membership had available to them. The group, through the Triway interpreters, had an hour of interactive discussions.