ASSE, OSHA Seek Help in Supplying Hurricane Sandy Cleanup Workers With PPE

ASSE is helping OSHA gather much-needed PPE donations for Hurricane Sandy clean-up operations. “Taking precautions is necessary to prevent serious injury and illness or even death,” OSHA’s Regional Administrator for New York Richard Kulick said in urging employers, workers and members of the public involved in the Hurricane Sandy cleanup to be aware of and prepared for the hazards they may encounter and steps they should take to protect themselves.

To donate PPE for the Hurricane Sandy cleanup efforts, contact OSHA’s Cathie Mannion, assistant regional administrator for technical support, via e-mail or call (347) 996-2041 for specific donation information and delivery locations.

If you are unable to donate PPE, but would like to donate to the ASSE Foundation fund that will purchase the PPE for the clean-up efforts, visit the ASSE Foundation website where, after designating the donation amount, you can click “Other” and in the space next to “Other,” type “Sandy PPE Fund.” One hundred percent of the donation will go to the Hurricane Sandy PPE effort.

ASSE and OSHA thank you for your help as the clean-up and rebuilding efforts continue. “At this point, help is much needed,” ASSE NY City Chapter Past President Peter Amato says.