ASSE Prepping for Safety India 2015

As part of its mission to share best OSH practices across the globe, ASSE and members of its four chapters in India are preparing to host Safety India 2015, Oct. 15-17 in Mumbai. ASSE has seen dramatic growth in its membership in India since March 2012, when the India Chapter was launched in Chennai. The addition of chapters in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana demonstrate the high interest in improving workplace safety across India.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is the event’s platinum sponsor for the second time. Prominent speakers represent global organizations including BCSP, Dräger, Honeywell, Government of India, Liberty Mutual, Johnson Controls, SAP, UL and Tata Group among others. In addition to a two-part Global Executive Leadership Forum, the program will feature sessions on topics such as safety culture, safety management systems, metrics and risk management. The event will also feature the presentation of the inaugural D.L. Shah Trust/ASSE Safety India Award.

In an editorial about the event, ASSE President Michael Belcher, CSP, notes that as India’s economy continues to boom so, too, will the need for OSH professionals who can identify and manage risks. “India’s economy grew at an annual rate of 7% for the second quarter in 2015,” Belcher says. “India is home to industry-leading companies in almost every sector, employing a record number of people who are forming an emerging middle class, according to the World Bank. If Prime Minister Modi is successful in passing needed economic reforms on taxes, land and labor issues, most economists believe India will be able to grow its economy to dizzying heights.

“But those reforms also must include adopting OSH best practices to ensure that the expansion of the country’s infrastructure, manufacturing and residential areas are constructed to protect the workers who build them and the citizens who ultimately use them. . . . Economic growth can’t be sustained without OSH procedures in place to make them successful.”

For full program details, visit the Safety India 2015 website.