ASSE President Pollock Concerned by BLS Data

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has released preliminary results of its U.S. census of fatal occupational injuries, which show that 4,609 on-the-job fatalities occurred in 2011. Although this is a slight drop from the previous year (4,690 fatalities reported in 2010), ASSE President Rick Pollock says the new number is a concern.

“It’s alarming that 13 people a day are dying from work-related injuries,” Pollock says. “This is a serious problem that we find unacceptable.” He urges all companies and organizations to develop and implement management systems of control, which can help identify safety and health issues to prevent such fatalities.

“Remember, these are 4,609 people who left for work in the morning and never returned home to their families,” he says. “To these families, we offer our condolences.”