ASSE Proposes Governance Restructure

In the nearly 20 years since ASSE last changed its governance structure, much has changed in the SH&E profession and the world, including how ASSE members engage with the Society based more on their specific practice needs and common interests than on their geographic location. To respond to those changes and create an ASSE that is better able to respond effectively, nimbly and efficiently to evolving needs, ASSE’s Board of Directors recently approved in principle a proposed model for restructuring ASSE’s governance structure. “ASSE is in the midst of change,” explains Society President Richard A. Pollock, CSP, in his April 2013 President’s Message in Professional Safety.  “ASSE is striving to create a structure that engages members beyond where they live and focuses on who they are, what they do, where they work and the solutions they need.”

Here are just a few of the key proposed changes:

  • Decrease BOD from 15 to 9 members.
  • Add one public member.
  • Elect 8 BOD members Society-wide.
  • Separate governance function from operations function.
  • Eliminate the Executive Committee.
  • Expand regions (anticipated) for additional chapter support.

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