ASSE to Honor Gold-Level Chapters at Safety 2014

For the 2012-13 year, 64 chapters achieved the highest level of recognition by achieving gold-level status. Every ASSE chapter completes an annual report of chapter performance that indicates how well the chapter meets basic standards of excellence. Gold-Level Chapters generally exceed the basic standards of excellence. The Gold-Level Chapters, along with the Chapter of the Year winners will be honored at the Chapter Recognition Luncheon that will be held Monday, June 9 at Safety 2014. Here are this year’s Gold-Level Chapters:

Alabama Chapter New Jersey Chapter
Alaska Chapter New Mexico Chapter
Arizona Chapter New York City Chapter
Audubon Chapter Nigeria Chapter
Bakersfield Chapter Northeastern Illinois Chapter
Big Sky Chapter Northern Ohio Chapter
Central Florida Chapter Northwest Chapter
Central Indiana Chapter NoVa Chapter
Central Ohio Chapter Oklahoma City Chapter
Central Valley Chapter Orange County Chapter
Chattanooga Chapter Piedmont Chapter
Colorado Chapter Puget Sound Chapter
Columbia Willamette Chapter Rocky Mountain Chapter
Connecticut Valley Chapter Sabine Neches Chapter
Craters of the Moon Chapter San Diego Chapter
Georgia Chapter San Francisco Chapter
Greater Baton Rouge Chapter Snake River Chapter
Greater Boston Chapter South Plains Chapter
Greater Chicago Chapter Southern Arizona Chapter
Greater Detroit Chapter Southern Colorado Chapter
Greater Tidewater Chapter Southern Oregon Chapter
Greater West Virginia Chapter Southwest Chapter
Gulf Coast Chapter St. Louis Chapter
Hawkeye Chapter Tarheel Chapter
Heart of America Chapter Three Rivers Chapter
Hudson River Valley Chapter Triad Chapter
Kitty Hawk Chapter Utah Chapter
Kuwait Chapter West Florida Chapter
Long Island Chapter West Michigan Chapter
Los Angeles Chapter Western Pennsylvania Chapter
Lower Columbia Basin Chapter Wisconsin Chapter
Middle Tennessee Chapter Worcester County Chapter
Mobile Chapter