ASSE Urges Obama to Advance I2P2 Rule

In a May 16 letter, ASSE urged U.S. President Barack Obama to direct his administration to move forward OSHA rulemaking on an injury and illness prevention program (I2P2) standard as an appropriate response to the April 19, 2013, fertilizer plant explosion in West, TX, that took 15 lives as well as the nearly 13 lives lost each day in U.S. workplaces. In the letter 2012-13 ASSE President Rick Pollock, CSP, stated, “A well-written standard that require every employer to develop an I2P2 program would help ensure that every employer takes responsibility both for identifying safety and health risks in each workplace and establishing specific controls to manage those risks.” He added that  “a national debate on that standard is much needed and long overdue,” noting that initial stakeholder meetings were held in June 2010. ASSE sent OSHA Administrator David Michaels a letter in December 2010 outlining what the Society believes are the key principles of such a rule.

Find more information on the proposed standard here.