ASSE’s Hudson Receives IOSH Distinguished Service Award

The U.K.-based Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) honors the work and achievements of individuals throughout each year who have made significant contributions to the organization and the OSH profession by presenting them with the President’s Distinguished Service Award (PDSA). There are two categories of PDSAs: The first recognizes people nominated by two IOSH members and the second recognizes people chosen by the IOSH president.

IOSH President Graham Parker presents the IOSH award to ASSE Executive Director Dennis Hudson.

At the recent IOSH conference, titled “Transforming Health and Safety Across the World,” IOSH President Graham Parker presented ASSE Executive Director Dennis Hudson with a PDSA in the second category for his advancement of the field.

“I presented Dennis with this award with great pride. I had the privilege to work with him and have insight into how he has guided ASSE and others to a position of great impact in the future,” Parker said. “I was pleased that he accepted it in the humble manner in which he did, as that showed me that it meant a great deal to him.”

By including Hudson and ASSE in a ceremony that traditionally acknowledges IOSH members, Parker brought attention to the shared goals of the two institutions. Namely, ensuring that every worker and every community have a right to live safely and in good health.

“Graham Parker has demonstrated throughout his presidency that he’s passionate about safety,” Hudson said. “It’s not about organizations competing against one another. I’ve often said over the years that our safety community is too small to compete on issues related to the profession. I think this award demonstrates that the safety community is coming together.”

Two globally focused projects have been sources of pride for Hudson in recent years, he said. One is ASSE’s partnership with the International Network of Safety and Health Practitioners (INSHPO) and 13 other safety groups, including IOSH, to create a global capability framework for the profession. This new set of criteria identifies standards of competencies for OSH professionals and practitioners and is designed to increase the level of professionalism internationally. The second initiative is ASSE’s leadership through the Center for Safety and Health Sustainability (CSHS) in demonstrating that safety and health play a role in organizational success, long-term sustainability and especially human capital.

“ASSE and IOSH are attempting to bring together not just the safety community, but also ensure that business stakeholders’ perspectives are understood,” Hudson continued. “That’s going to be particularly important going forward. We tend to be too isolated as safety professionals, and I commend IOSH for bringing together conference speakers from the health, business and financial communities.”