ASSE’s New Risk Assessment Institute

ASSE unveiled the Risk Assessment Institute, at Safety 2013. The institute was developed to help ASSE members and other safety professionals advance their practice by providing the latest in risk-based information, metrics, tools and research. It aims to provide training resources, development tools, best practices, case studies, terminology and more to help SH&E professionals find and implement both standardized and alternative risk-based approaches to lead their organizations to proactively prioritize and mitigate risk before injuries, fatalities or catastrophic events can occur.


The institute’s overall goal is to broaden the knowledge of practitioners in risk assessment and and make risk assessment a focal point of the profession. To accomplish these goals, the Risk Assessment Institute Committee has been working hard to populate the new website and create a platform for members to add to the conversation. In the coming months, ASSE members can expect to see a member survey, research documents, scholarly articles, best practices, training materials and more.

“I believe the institute will grow and advance at the pace our SH&E professionals wish it to,” says Dave Walline, committee chair. “The institute is looking for assistance, tools and ideas to advance our vision and goals. Shortly, our website will host a blog and links where members can share information or express interest in helping build on the work that has been developed and posted to date. I hope SH&E professionals see the institute as their institute to help drive the risk focus worldwide.”

Click here to learn more from committee members Dave Walline and Dee Woodhull on the creation of the institute.