Badgerland Chapter Partners With 115 Fighter Wing For ASSE ROC Meeting

115 FW_MilitaryThe 115th Fighter Wing (FW) hosted the ASSE Region V Operating Committee (ROC) meeting on base April 7-8. By holding the meeting at different locations, attendees are able to tour various companies and facilities, and also learn OSH administration tips from the safety teams at those organizations.

“Many businesses operate similarly as far as OSHA compliance is concerned, and will do the minimum to meet safety regulations,” says Ryan Schall, Vice President and Program Chair for ASSE’s Badgerland Chapter. “Other businesses stand out and go above and beyond OSHA regulations.”

The 115 FW safety team falls under the latter category. “A facility such as the 115th Fighter Wing demonstrates a strong commitment to safety and dedication to creating the safest work environment possible for its employees,” Schall says. “I believe there has been a shift in core values over the past decade, and most companies understand that having a strong safety program is necessary to running a successful business. More and more companies are going above and beyond OSHA compliance and implementing programs to keep their employees safe, regardless of OSHA standards.”

Senior Master Sergeant Thomas Egstad, 115 FW noncommissioned officer in charge of FW safety and member of the Badgerland Chapter, makes the organization’s safety program a priority. “I take pride in our Wing’s safety program,” Egstad states. “Being a member of a respected organization such as ASSE has allowed our program to grow tremendously. Each meeting we attend allows us to not only network with our civilian counterparts, but also gives us a wealth of knowledge we can take back to base and integrate into our programs.”

According to Egstad, the team is committed to keeping the 115 FW airmen and civilians on base as safe as possible. “It’s my team’s job to make sure all of the 115th Fighter Wing airmen stay safe while they accomplish their missions,” Egstad explains. “Hosting meetings like this on base gives us an opportunity to show the other ASSE members how similar we are. It also allows us to demonstrate the exceptional safety practices our airmen follow.”

By attending the monthly chapter meetings, the 115 FW safety team is able to stay current on all the latest safety information and programs. “Our relationship with ASSE is and will continue to improve the unit’s safety and health program,” Egstad says. “I’m grateful they chose the 115th Fighter Wing as this year’s meeting location.”