BCSP Announces Award Recipients at Safety 2013

BCSP presented its 2013 Awards of Excellence during Safety 2013’s luncheon program. BCSP reports it received numerous nominations this year and that each recipient has significantly affected the SH&E profession.


P.L. Clemens’ son (left) and Fred Manuele accept the 2013 Roger Brauer Lifetime Achievement Awards.

The 2013 Roger Brauer Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Fred Manuele, P.E., CSP, and P.L. Clemens, P.E., CSP. Manuele, president of Hazards Limited, has decades of safety experience and is considered a leading expert in the SH&E field. He has authored numerous books that have been adopted by safety degree programs. An ASSE Fellow, Manuele is a a former board member of ASSE, National Safety Council and BCSP. He is a professional member of ASSE’s Northeastern Illinois Chapter.

Clemens, who passed away in May 2013, was recognized for his more than 30 years’ SH&E experience, with more than 20 years’ teaching experience. He published more than 20 technical papers in fields of aeronautical engineering and more than 30 papers in the field of system safety engineering. Clemens was a Fellow of International System Safety Society and served on the BCSP board. Clemens was a professional member of ASSE’s Middle Tennessee Chapter.

SesekThe CSP Award of Excellence was given to Richard Sesek, Ph.D., CSP, CPE. He is an assistant professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Auburn University. He was recognized for his commitment to SH&E by educating and mentoring future safety professionals, and his involvement on numerous committees and research studies. Sesek also received this year’s William E. Tarrants Outstanding Safety Educator Award. He is a professional member of ASSE’s Alabama Chapter.



RawlingsThe CHST Award of Excellence was given to John Rawlings, CSP, CHST. Rawlings, a retired military officer, is director of safety (national) at John J. Kirlin Special Projects LLC. Under his leadership, the company incident rate has decreased from 3.9 to 0.5, and all his project managers hold safety certifications, with 120 hours of safety training per manager. Rawlings is a member of ASSE’s National Capital Chapter.