Be an ASSE Leader: Nominations Close Sept. 5

Volunteering as an ASSE leader is a great way to build new skills, enhance your career and improve the OSH profession.

“ASSE has a lot to offer to its volunteers,” says 2017-18 ASSE President Jim Smith, M.S., CSP. “In my opinion, if this is the profession you want to be good at, you must get involved,” he says. “You will meet some of the best in our business.”

ASSE Foundation Vice Chair Linda Tapp has served in many volunteer leadership roles during her career.

That’s been the experience of Linda Tapp, CSP, president of SafetyFUNdamentals. Tapp is a professional member of ASSE’s New Jersey Chapter and Vice Chair of the ASSE Foundation. She joined ASSE after her first boss encouraged her to do so.

“I was very interested in networking opportunities so I became active right away,” she says of joining the Penn-Jersey Chapter. “I was immediately recruited to be the newsletter editor, which let me work closely with other board members who were much more experienced safety professionals, right away.” She eventually served in all chairs for the chapter—delegate, secretary, treasurer, vice president, president and past president.

After living in London for some time and being part of ASSE’s fledgling U.K. Section, Tapp returned to the U.S. and became more involved with ASSE’s practice specialties, in particular the Consultants Practice Specialty.

“In addition to learning from the group’s articles and seminars, I learned a lot from other experienced consultants,” she says, knowledge that was vital in setting up her own independent firm. Like with her chapter, she began as the practice specialty’s newsletter editor, then became assistant administrator and administrator.

“From there I was asked to participate in various ASSE volunteer positions. I served on the Public Relations, Professional Development and Technical Publications committees. And I was a member of the Virtual Symposium Task Force,” Tapp says.

For Tapp, being involved means supporting the safety profession however she can. “For me, this has meant supporting the ASSE Foundation so that our profession continues to grow.” After years as a donor, Tapp sought opportunities to get more actively involved with the Foundation and was thrilled to be named a trustee. “I am currently the Vice Chair and I am looking forward to working with the Foundation in the coming years.”

Tapp’s extensive ASSE service reflects her personal philosophy that you need to get involved and contribute to get the most from the ASSE community. “I consider my ASSE friends to be my safety family,” she says, adding that the advice and support she has received from fellow members has been invaluable to her as an independent consultant. “I don’t have a boss to give me performance reviews or a group of colleagues hanging out by the water cooler to run ideas by, so my ASSE contacts, no matter where they are in the world, provide this support,” she says. “For as long as I am an ASSE member, I hope to be able to give back through advice, resources and financial donations to the Foundation.”

If you are ready to begin your personal leadership journey with ASSE, the Society has various positions available that fit a range of interests, skills and experience levels. Find a complete list of open positions and information on qualifications on ASSE’s 2018 elections website. Nominations are due Sept. 5, 2017.