Chesapeake Chapter Helps Teach 4-H Kids About Agriculture Safety

The Carrollton 4-H Club’s recent meeting at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Westminster, MD, featured several presentations on agriculture safety. The agriculture safety presentation materials were provided by ASSE’s Chesapeake Chapter and Agriculture Branch Chair Michael Wolf. Grant Show, a 4-Her, discussed electrocution hazards, including what energy sources should be protected and how to ensure that energy is safely released or blocked using lockout/tagout processes. Another presenter, Keith Gorsuch from Finch Services, gave a tractor safety demonstration, explaining the many parts of a tractor and important safety features such as roll bars and safety shut-offs on seats. Mike Alster concluded the day’s events with a discussion of general agriculture safety.

Lockout Tagout Demo

Grant Show demonstrates lockout/tagout as Elliott Alster, Carly Victor and Michelle Victor watch closely.