CoPS Award Nominations Due March 15

D_iStock_000002787294_CSMCoPS Award nominations are due March 15, 2015. Awards for each of the Practice Specialties have been distributed since the early 1970s. They were established to recognize select Practice Specialty members who have helped advance the OSH profession through exemplary volunteer service to ASSE and to their respective Practice Specialty during the calendar year.To be nominated for a Practice Specialty, Branch or Common Interest Group award, you must be a member of that particular group.


The following are submission requirements for each award:

Practice Specialty or Common Interest Group Recognition Award

  • Based on Self-Evaluation Matrix approved in October 2014.
  • Advisory Committee should send Matrix and supporting documents.


  • Each Practice Specialty and Common Interest Group is encouraged to submit one nominee online by 3/15.
  • The winner will receive $500.

Practice Specialty or Common Interest Group SPY

  • Each Practice Specialty (PS) Administrator or Common Interest Group is encouraged to submit one winning candidate to the CoPS VP by March 15, 2015.
  • If a Branch has a worthy member, they should submit nominations through their sponsoring practice speciality.

Branch Significant Contributor

  • Each Branch Chair is encouraged to submit one winning candidate to the CoPS VP by March 15.

Thomas F. Bresnahan Standards Medal

  • The application and any supporting material should be submitted to Tim Fisher by March 15.
  • The winner will receive $500.

For more information and how to submit, please visit here.