Earn the Certificate in Risk Assessment at SeminarFest

Each year, SeminarFest provides OSH professionals an unparalleled educational experience. The week-long event features more than 90 seminars, networking opportunities and certificate programs.

One such program is ASSE’s Certificate in Risk Assessment. By completing this certificate program, OSH professionals demonstrate their value to current and potential employers, showing that they have attained expertise in risk-based approaches and measures to proactively mitigate risk.

The Certificate in Risk Assessment can be completed in its entirety at SeminarFest, including a final project facilitation session. Although the final project can be completed independently, the session provides attendees with classroom assistance so they can leave the event with a completed project that is ready to submit.

Watch the short video below to learn why risk assessment is important to OSH professionals and the companies they protect. SeminarFest 2017 is slated to run Feb. 9-16 in Las Vegas, NV. Learn more about the Certificate in Risk Assessment here.