Explore the Variety of Sessions Offered at Safety 2018

Safety 2018 can help advance your career through educational opportunities on a wide variety of topics. Slated to run June 3-6 in San Antonio, TX, the conference offers many opportunities to learn, network and invest in your safety career. Enjoy flash sessions, key issue collaboration sessions and panels that explore various topics for safety success.

Following is a small sample of the courses offered at Safety 2018.

S515. Critical Analysis of the Deepwater Horizon Movie From a Safety Professional Perspective

Can’t watch a movie without noticing safety hazards? In this session, the 2016 film Deepwater Horizon will be analyzed from the perspective of a safety professional. Director Peter Berg brought the 2010 offshore oil rig explosion into the spotlight with his $121 million hit dramatization of the real event. Joel M. Haight will analyze the film’s story and provide a safety perspective that focuses on the process of making high-risk decisions during dramatic events. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in safety management-related role-play activities at session S515 on June 4.

S626. Young Safety Professionals: This Is How It Really Works

Navigating success in the career of a safety professional is challenging. J.A. Rodriguez Jr. believes that success in the workplace comes not from money or notoriety, but rather from a winning mind-set. His session, “Young Safety Professionals; This is How It Really Works” encourages both young professionals and those who feel stuck in their careers to change their mind-set and feel successful. Attend session S626 on June 5 for business skills and personal development counseling to create or renew success in your career.

S770. Emotional Safety: Lessons From the True Tales of Two Storytelling Safety Pros

Connecting with management and workers is sometimes difficult, but stories and narrative can help generate interest in safety lessons. In this session, Abby Ferri and Tim Page-Bottorff explore the best strategy for storytelling to engage and teach audiences about safety. Drawing on their experiences, the speakers will share their successes and lessons learned, and help attendees improve their safety training stories. Learn the best storytelling techniques for training and educating by attending session S770 on June 6.

Explore additional sessions in detail by visiting the PDC News blog, or check out the full listing of the sessions at the Safety 2018 site.