Find Out What You’re Missing: Healthcare Practice Specialty

The ASSE Healthcare Practice Specialty serves SH&E professionals who work in healthcare institutions and who provide services to the healthcare industry, including hospitals, extended-care facilities, medical clinics and private doctors’ offices. Published three times a year, HealthBeat highlights professional practice issues, SH&E management techniques and practical applications of best practices. Its members help identify and promote research in emerging healthcare safety technologies and develop specialized healthcare safety education programs and technical publications.

The practice specialty is working to address many challenges facing the industry today, such as:

  • laboratory and biohazard safety;
  • organizational safety culture;
  • safe patient handling;
  • preventing musculoskeletal disorders among healthcare industry workers;
  • hospital evacuation;
  • management of vendor activities;
  • safety and security issues unique to large hospital campuses;
  • pandemic flu preparation.

In addition, the Healthcare Practice Specialty maintains a relationship with The Joint Commission, and frequently sponsors healthcare-focused technical sessions and tours at ASSE’s annual professional development conference.

Learn more about ASSE’s Healthcare Practice Specialty or one of the Society’s other specialized groups.