Help Grow ASSE’s Health & Wellness Branch

D_iStock_000008268946SmallWorker stress, fatigue and other health problems often contribute to the occurrence of on-the-job incidents and injuries. ASSE’s Health and Wellness Branch provides a forum for tackling these issues. The branch focuses on improving employee health within all industries. Through resources and networking opportunities, the branch aims to help safety professionals educate employees so they can make healthy lifestyle choices and influence employers to provide the appropriate tools, programs and infrastructure that promote employee health. Wellness Report, the branch’s triannual technical publication, addresses topics such as work-life balance, diet, fatigue and stress management, and office ergonomics and workplace wellness programs.

The Healthcare Practice Specialty sponsors the Health and Wellness Branch and branch membership is free to all Healthcare Practice Specialty members. Learn more about the branch’s goals and growth aspirations on the PS Extra website.