Industrial Scientific White Paper Explains Calibration & Docking Station Differences

A new white paper “Give Your Gas Detector a Home” from Industrial Specific breaks down the differences between calibration stations or docking stations for gas detectors and the use of a new tool that accomplishes both functionalities.DSX-Home-152x270-01

Although the names are familiar to those who have used a computer docking station and a calibration station for measuring tools, they are actually used interchangeably in the gas detection industry, and it is not always clear what the differences are.

The paper explains those differences and offers facts about both calibration and docking stations. It is mentioned that one key distinction is the automation of both devices. The white paper also covers manual calibration and bump tests, which are performed to comply with safety procedures. In gas detection, the automated functions of the calibration station are limited to bump testing, calibration checks or full calibrations, and charging or recharging of the instrument battery. For docking stations, it is battery charging, recordkeeping, instrument management and instrument diagnostics.