Jitu Patel Visits ASSE to Discuss Progress in India

Over the past year, India has progressively made headway in the SH&E industry and has ASSE Fellow Jitu Patel, CPEA, a professional member of ASSE’s Arizona Chapter, to thank for much of it. Patel visited ASSE  headquarters last month to discuss SH&E progress in his homeland. In March 2012, ASSE announced its first chapter in India and since then has added five new student sections. According to Patel, the International Conference on Safety, which was supported by ASSE and took place in October 2012 in western India, can be credited for attracting student interest. “Students are thirsty for this knowledge,” Patel says, adding that after the conference, students immediately lined up to register for student sections. Over the past couple months, the following student sections have been launched in India:

  • Dehradun University of Petroleum Energy Studies
  • Hydrabad National Institute of Construction Management and Research
  • Gujarat Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University
  • Tarapur Tarapore Management Association
  • Chennai Regional Labour Institute

In addition, Patel says that there is major potential for a safety center in India that will advance ASSE membership and enhance SH&E research. “We’d like to reach every corner of India,” he says. “Logistically it makes sense and allows for more interaction.” More chapters in India will increase meeting attendance and provide additional networking opportunities, Patel says. India is one of the strategic growth markets for the Society, and there is great interest from local ASSE professionals in creating more local chapters and student sections.