Lara-Meloy Coauthors Book on Worker Safety & Health

workers-coverMiriam Lara-Meloy, an ASSE student member of the San Francisco Chapter and member of the International Practice Specialty, is coauthor of Workers’ Guide to Health and Safety, published last month.

Lara-Meloy is project coordinator at Hesperian Health Guides, the book’s publisher. She has volunteered at a labor and human rights collective, and served as director of the first domestic abuse crisis line in the region in her native Mexico. Lara-Meloy says she is passionate about Hesperian’s mission to make highly technical information understandable, accessible and actionable for all.

The book puts OSH information in a form that affected workers themselves can use, covering topics from fire safety to chemical exposure to ergonomics. According to the publisher, this resource was developed in collaboration with factory workers and their advocates to provide practical and sustainable information.