Learn About the Ergonomics Practice Specialty

ASSE’s Ergonomics Practice Specialty serves as a rich resource of technical information for its members and gives them the opportunity to network, share best practices and discuss new ways to reduce soft-tissue injuries in the workplace. The group is also a resource to assist members in workers’ compensation claims, return-to-work programs, prevention strategies and more.



For example, a current project the practice specialty is conducting is a survey to explore the ergonomics training, skills and needs of members’ working areas. The group hopes to gain insight from responses to help determine whether current professional training and certifications accurately capture the practitioner and marketplace needs. The group also hopes to publish the survey results in a white paper that will be distributed at industry conferences and published throughout the resources available to members.

In alignment with this goal, the Ergonomics Practice Specialty member portal provides members an opportunity to explore relevant topics, find resources and learn how to get involved. If you are not already a member of the Ergonomics Practice Specialty or one of ASSE’s other practice specialties, branches or common interest groups, you can use access code SU1231 for a limited time to log into any of the portals and see what you’re missing.