Let ASSE’s Virtual Classroom Help You Observe OSHA’s National Stand-Down on Falls

StandDownOSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction is being observed the week of June 2, 2014. The agency urges employers to raise awareness about fall hazards among employees during this week through training, toolbox talks and other safety activities such as equipment inspections and development of rescue plans.

If interested in participating, but don’t know where to start, ASSE’s Virtual Classroom can help. Through June, ASSE is offering two on-demand virtual events on fall protection, each consisting of nine informational recordings that can be accessed anywhere at any time for 120 days beginning at the time of purchase:

Slips, Trips and Falls: Best Practices and Standards
This event addresses slip, trip and fall hazards in relation to walking/working surfaces in various industries. Investigation techniques and fall prevention program implementation will be discussed as well during these nine sessions:

•Prevention Through Design: Slips, Trips and Falls
•Surefooted Safety: Training Strategies for Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls
•Same Level Slips, Trips and Falls – An Insurance Perspective
•Investigating Slip, Trip and Fall Mishaps
•Architectural Best Practices for Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls
•Slips, Trips and Falls in the Service Industry
•Slips, Trips and Falls in the Construction Industry
•Floor Cleaning and Maintenance: The Key to Slips and Falls Prevention
•Management Controls: Operating and Maintaining Facilities to Minimize Slips, Trips and Falls

International Society for Fall Protection Virtual Event
At Safety 2013, International Society for Fall Protection partnered with ASSE to deliver a symposium on fall protection. This on-demand virtual event features nine recorded sessions from last year’s symposium:

•Design Considerations for Travel Restraint Horizontal Lifeline Systems
•Outdoor Weathering of Synthetic Fiber Ropes in FA Equipment
•New Performance Indicators: Theory and Application for Standards Development
•Harness Attachment Point Testing – Front vs. Rear Attachment
•Mind the Gap: Preplanning for Rescue
•Should You Require Physical Testing for Employees in Fall Protection PPE?
•Lifeline Design: Calculation of Tensions
•Lethal Ladders: New Research Calls for Fundamental Rethink
•Ladder Safety: Three-Point Control

Visit OSHA’s website to learn more about the stand-down.