Let the BOK Help You Prepare for OSHA’s National Stand-Down on Falls

OSHA has declared the week of June 2, 2014, a national stand-down to prevent falls in construction. Employers and workers alike are encouraged to take time during that week to discuss fall prevention topics and hold training sessions to help prevent future incidents.

If you’re looking for fall prevention resources, ASSE’s Body of Knowledge (BOK) is a great place to start. Simply search for the topic using the tool at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. To browse a wider range of construction topics, see the list of topics on the left-hand side of the screen, below the login information.

Here is a sample of resources provided by the BOK that address falls in construction:

Articles & Studies

Futuristic Fall Protection Now! by J. Nigel Ellis

Effectively Addressing Unexpected Fall Protection Needs by Nolan Miller

OSHA’s Focus Four: Mitigating Job Site Hazards by Pete Rice

Fall Prevention on Residential Construction Sites by Vicki Kaskutas, Bradley Evanoff and Harry Miller

Slips, Trips and Falls in Construction and Mining – Causes and Controls by Mark C. Radomsky, R.V. Ramani and Joseph P. Flick

Fall Protection From a Contractor’s Perspective by Brad Spelbring


Reducing Falls in Construction: Safe Use of Stepladders

Reducing Falls in Construction: Safe Use of Extension Ladders 

Preventing Construction Falls Factsheet

Reducing Falls During Residential Construction: Working in Attics 

Reducing Falls During Residential Construction: Roof Repair


OSHA’s Fall Protection Policies for Residential Construction

Falls in Construction – Skylights

Scaffold Safety

Stair and Ladder Safety

Preventing Falls Through Skylights

PowerPoint Presentations

Ladder Safety – General Ladder Use Hazards

Supported Scaffold Safety

Ladder Safety in Construction

Other Resources

The Oklahoma Department of Labor’s Fall Protection Program

Fall Protection for the Construction Industry Guide by Texas Department of Insurance

OSHA’s Fall Prevention Training Guide

Introduction to Fall Protection – Training Module by Kentucky Labor Cabinet

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