Look What’s In Your Safety Leadership Survival Kit

Taking a cue from a story about a supervisor who created a survival kit filled with leadership “tools” (e.g., an eraser, a reminder that everyone makes mistakes), the March 2015 issue of Society Update asked readers to ponder what they would put in their safety leadership survival kit. ASSE members sure are creative! Here’s a small sample of the items ASSE members would put in their safety leadership survival kit. Thanks to all of the members who contributed. Look for more safety leadership survival kit items in this and other ASSE publications!



Keefe Lane, Georgia Chapter:
A rope, to tie up loose ends
A ruler, to measure how far we have come

Mike Wells, Greater Chicago Chapter:
Foam squeeze ball: Got stress? Squeeze and hold for 3 seconds, then speak

John Bair, Philadelphia Chapter:
Jack-in-the-box, to remind me to think outside of the box
A match, to inspire me to put out “fires” before they go long enough to “burn” me
A blindfold, to remind me to see with my minds eye rather than just seeing the issues that are in eye shot

Robert Ortiz, New Jersey Chapter:
A challenge coin to remind me of the integrity that I will need to tackle the everyday challenges to a safe workplace
A clicker/counter so I can count all the safe behaviors of my workforce so I can promote the positive in their actions

Erin Hoffer, Space Coast Chapter:
A handful of lifesavers, because you never know when you might need to be someone’s life saver