Make Plans for the Safety Stand-Down May 2-6

OSHA-2016-Stand-DownThis year’s OSHA/NIOSH/CPWR  National Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction is May 2-6. But even if you don’t work in construction, the national focus on safety presents a great opportunity to raise awareness of workplace safety no matter the setting. For example, one company that participated in the 2015 Stand-Down focused on falls in an office setting. “We . . . talked about office fall statistics . . . watched some examples of office falls on YouTube, then played Bingo. The answer spaces on each bingo card were all recommendations for preventing falls in the office.”

Another company, this one from the wireless industry, held a Stand-Down meeting attended by the company’s executive leaders. During that meeting, they brainstormed ideas about how field and office personnel can work together on safety policies. “It . . . provided our office personnel insight to the wide range of obstacles that the crews face for each site,” the company explains. “Overall, it was a meeting that let down communication barriers and let everyone have a complete focus on safety.”

CPWR’s report on the 2014-15 stand-downs provides some additional ideas that anyone can adapt to their workplace, organization or community. Here are a few creative ideas highlighted in the report:

  • “We did two safety meetings and 8 daily toolbox talks. We generated materials specific to our work environment.”
  • “We developed a 30 minute fall protection and prevention training film specifically for the 2015 Stand-Down.”
  • “We held our Stand‐Down in conjunction with a couple of the organizations in town which took place at a specific date and time. The goal was to make it so that the entire city ‘went quiet’ while this took place.”
  • “We invited the general public to attend our free seminar/speakers on fall prevention–150 people attended the sessions. We advertised this event on the local radio stations.”

For more ideas on what your company might do, be sure to check out CPWR’s daily event planner or visit OSHA’s Stand-Down resources web page.