Members Approve Name Change: ASSE to Become American Society of Safety Professionals

Following a historic membership vote, ASSE will become the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) next year when it launches a redesigned website in conjunction with Safety 2018.

“Our members have always decided who we are and what we’re all about,” says ASSE President Jim Smith, M.S., CSP. “This vote was part of an objective process that has made us a strong organization for more than 100 years.”

Over a 45-day period that ended Aug. 13, ASSE members cast votes on the proposed name, which was approved by the House of Delegates during its annual meeting in June. The final tally found 74% of members (3,651) in favor of the change. Fourteen percent of eligible members cast ballots, surpassing the minimum voting requirement of 1%.

“Our members have clearly voiced that the American Society of Safety Professionals better reflects our diverse membership,” Smith says. “Engineers made up our entire membership when we were formed, but today the occupational safety and health profession encompasses many disciplines.”

ASSE’s logo will undergo small adjustments to reflect the name change. The green shield will continue to display the organization’s acronym in gold letters, with the E changing to a P.

The organization remains ASSE until early June 2018 when it debuts a new website and begins to use its new name in alignment with Safety 2018, slated for June 3-6 in San Antonio, TX.