Members Receive Fellowship to Attend World Safety Congress

SU_CongressTwo ASSE members, Natalie Skeepers and Miriam Cecilia Lara-Meloy, have received fellowships to attend the upcoming World Safety Congress in Frankfurt, Germany, on Aug. 24-27, 2014. Awarded by DGUV, German Social Accident Insurance, the fellowships are for professional women from developing countries. On behalf of both women, ASSE sent letters of recommendations to DGUV for the fellowship opportunity. The following are excerpts from the letters.

Ms. Skeepers, an ASSE member from South Africa, is currently working full-time toward a Ph.D. in occupational health and safety from the University of Johannesburg. She also has over 20 years of progressive work experience in the occupational health and safety field across business, government and the private sectors. Her knowledge and experience reflect an individual who is an up-and-coming global leader in OHS.

A native of Mexico, Miriam is committed to advancing worker safety in developing countries, particularly in Latin America. She is the lead researcher of the “Workers’ Guide to Safety and Health,” a project of Hesperian Health Guides, which seeks to empower workers in the export factories to recognize and control occupational hazards. We have worked with her on projects with which ASSE shares similar interests and find her to be a professional of the highest degree.