Members Urged to Support Improvements in GRI’s OSH Metrics

Earlier this year, as part of ongoing efforts to raise safety and health standards worldwide, ASSE and the Center for Safety and Health Sustainability (cofounded by ASSE) became organizational stakeholders of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). As GRI develops its new G4 reporting guidelines, ASSE and the Center have offered GRI recommendations to extend the scope of current occupational safety and health (OSH) metrics and to standardize terminology to allow comparison of performance across organizations.

However, based on public input to date, OSH has not been identified as a priority for G4. In an effort to change that, ASSE President Terrie Norris, CSP, ARM, is urging members to complete GRI’s G4 public comment period survey by Nov. 24, 2011. This will ensure that OSH is given due importance in the assessment of an organization’s commitment to the sustainability agenda. In her letter to members, Norris writes, “Given the estimated 337 million workplace accidents globally each year and 6,300 people killed each day at work, the importance of OSH within the sustainability agenda has never been greater–nor your support needed more. ASSE believes that a sustainable workforce and workplace should be considered important topics when benchmarking organizational performance.”

Support your profession and your Society today by reading the letter and completing the survey.