Network of Future’s Safety Leaders Takes Formation

College students from across the country met in Oak Brook, IL, Nov. 3-4, 2016, at the Future Safety Leaders Conference to network and enhance skills to become the next generation of safety leaders. Students earned CEUs for attending the conference and also participated in mock interviews with society leaders.

“It’s not about the degrees or certifications after your name, it’s about you defining where you are going to go in your career,” Regina McMichael, CSP, CET, the conference’s keynote speaker told attendees. “All of these beautiful things are happening around you,” she said. “Don’t get so hyper-focused on being the CEO that you miss a beautiful opportunity.”

Information and application materials for next year’s conference will be available on the conference’s website in June 2017.

Geena Tacconelli, Oalkand University, participates in a mock interview.

Geena Tacconelli, Oakland University, participates in a mock interview.

From left: Matthew Baker, Northern Illinois University; Toma Balaci, Northern Illinois University; Jackson Rumph, Northern Illinois University

From left: Northern Illinois University students Matthew Baker, Toma Balaci and Jackson Rumph.

From left: Eric Dangoy, University of Illinois Chicago; Olusegun Larinde, University of Illinois Chicago

From left: Eric Dangoy and Olusegun Larinde from University of Illinois Chicago.

From left: Dakota Guzier - Oklahoma State University, Katie Jolly - Oklahoma State University and Jeron Hamin - Oklahoma State University

From left: Oklahoma State University students Dakota Guzier, Katie Jolly and Jeron Hamin.

From left: Charles Paschold, Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Rodney Allen, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

From left: Charles Paschold and Rodney Allen from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

ASSE staffer Nancy Jakocko-O'Toole spins the wheel.

ASSE staffer Nancy Jakocko-O’Toole spins the wheel.