New ASSE Book Guides Readers to Actively Care for People’s Safety

ASSE’s new book, Actively Caring for People’s Safety: How to Cultivate a Brother’s/Sister’s Keeper Work Culture, asks readers to imagine a work environment in which everyone actively cares for one another’s safety and well-being on a routine basis. Whenever at-risk behavior is observed, the book continues, corrective feedback is provided with empathy and accepted with humility, and is applied to effectively change the behavior to a safe alternative.

The behavior-based guidebook provides research-focused content and uses evidence-based principles from applied behavioral science and humanistic behaviorism. The book is designed as a training manual to teach practical strategies for addressing the human dynamics of injury prevention. The authors say they strive to prepare and empower their readers to build an actively caring culture within their workplace through:

  • lessons that focus on the fundamental principles of cultivating an actively caring culture;
  • discussion questions and exercises to inspire practical self-study or group training;
  • a glossary of terms that connects applied behavioral science and humanistic behaviorism to an actively caring for people culture.

“Safety and health professionals, corporate managers and line workers who read, discuss and practice the fundamental principals in this handbook will be well-prepared and empowered to improve their organization’s work culture,” says Rick Blanchette, ASSE’s manager of technical publications. “The discussion questions and exercises in this book inspire practical self-study and group training.”

Actively Caring for People’s Safety is coauthored by E. Scott Geller, Ph.D., cofounder and senior partner of Safety Performance Solutions, and Krista Geller, Ph.D., field development leadership supervisor at Bechtel Corp.

Scott Geller will be a panelist during the Safety 2017 Plenary Town Hall, “BBS at a Crossroads—Understanding the Human Side of Safety Performance Improvement.”

Purchase copies of Actively Caring for People’s Safety or read the book’s press release on ASSE’s website.