New ASSE Publication on Fuel Combustion Systems Safety

Puskar coverFuel Combustion Systems Safety, written by ASSE Member John R. Puskar, P.E., is now available. The book integrates safety codes with practical, tested and proven guidance that makes it viable to specify, operate and maintain industrial fuel and combustion systems as safely as possible. Based on the author’s 30 years’ experience, readers will learn about fuels, piping, combustion, controls and risks from more than 50 real-world stories integrated into each chapter to demonstrate the concepts presented and what could have been done to avoid disaster or minimize destruction of life and property.

Topics include:

  • key concepts in industrial fuel and combustion systems safety;
  • combustion and natural gas piping basics;
  • gas supply system issues;
  • gas piping repairs and cleaning;
  • fuel trains and combustion equipment;
  • boilers and their unique risks;
  • controlling combustion risks: people, policy, equipment;
  • risks related to facilities outside the U.S.;
  • business contingency planning related to fuels and combustion equipment;
  • planning for and responding to fuel and combustion system incidents quickly and effectively.

“John’s book should be read by anyone involved in the natural gas business, whether as a producer or as a consumer. It is especially important that company executives read some of the 50 case histories in the text. They need to understand what the hazards and risks are in dealing with this very important energy source. We are very fortunate that he has taken the time to put his knowledge and expertise to writing. This book will be a very valuable asset for industry professionals.” —John Bresland, CSB board member and chair (2002-12), as stated in the book’s foreword.

“This book is professionally written and covers a wide variety of information regarding fuel and combustion system safety in an easy to read, short span of pages. Fuel and Combustion Systems Safety: What You Don’t Know Can Kill You! is a textbook, a reference book, a go-to book when encountering a situation on the plant floor, and a life-saving manual that reads like a novel. This book would be especially useful to industrial and fire safety students, safety professionals, maintenance people, boiler and furnace operators, and operations managers. We give this book a ‘thumbs up!’ and recommend this book as a good read for safety professionals.” —Gabriel Miehl, CSP, CFPS, president, Erie County PA HazMat response team and Walt Beattie, CSP, CFPS, CSHM, president, Beattie Fire Protection and Risk Consulting LLC