New Book: Consultants Business Development Guide

Consultant Business Development GuideConsultants Business Development Guide, written by members of ASSE’s Consultants Practice Specialty, is now available. This book offers guidance on planning and developing a consulting business, starting with the type of business (sole proprietor, partnership, or head of your own company), to how to evaluate the business after its first year.

Each chapter discusses a new topic that consultants must deal with, including:

  • business plans;
  • finances;
  • legal and regulatory requirements;
  • insurance;
  • marketing and sales;
  • employees and subcontractors;
  • networking;
  • ethics;
  • workers’ compensation;
  • getting and retaining clients.

The last chapter contains a number of essays written by safety consultants providing the reader with real-life examples and lessons learned. The editors provide commentary before and after each essay to further help the reader grasp the intricacies of becoming a successful safety professional consultant.