New Book: Fleet Safety for Safety Professionals & Fleet Managers

ASSE has published a new bookFleet Safety for Safety Professionals and Fleet Managers.FleetSafety The book provides statistical and regulatory information of interest to safety professionals and fleet managers, as well information on:

  • hiring and screening;
  • crash histories of prospective employees;
  • monitoring road behavior;
  • training;
  • incentives for safe driving behavior.

The book offers information and guidance on regulations that will be of particular interest to operations and safety managers with fleet responsibilities. Fleet in this book also includes buses. In addition to regulations, managers will find research-based information on vehicles and crashes, as well as vehicle engineering and ergonomics that they can use to improve their organizations’ approaches to driver training, vehicle selection and maintenance, and driver comfort.

The chapter on cost analysis and budgeting provides the economic fundamentals necessary to analyze capital expenditures and provide accurate cost-benefit analysis, whether the purchase is for a service or equipment. The chapter on sustainability offers real-world examples of companies that have integrated safety into continuous improvement of production operations, thereby reducing incidents while improving production efficiencies and optimizing use of materials.

For those looking to improve their fleet safety programs, the chapters on benchmarking and best practices provide useful guidance and insights with direct applications, for both bus and truck fleet operations. The book includes an introduction by Charlie Halfen, former corporate fleet safety manager for UPS, in charge of accident prevention, crash investigation and regulatory compliance worldwide.

The book is available to order now.