New Edition of Construction Safety Management & Engineering Available

front COVER - Construction Safey 2014.jpgThe 2nd edition of ASSE’s Construction Safety Management and Engineering is available. Edited by ASSE past president Darryl C. Hill, Ph.D., CSP, the new edition was extensively revised and four new chapters have been added. The new edition has 38 chapters written by 43 contributors.

Key highlights of the book include:

Chapter 5: Insurance & Risk Management (significantly revised)
•Discussion on risk hierarchy and financial risk management options.
•Identify and explain the safety professional’s role in a successful risk management program.
•Section to describe the difference between risk retention and risk transfer.

Chapter 6: Construction Safety & Health through Design (new chapter)

Chapter 9: Planning by Prevention & Design (significantly revised)
•Expanded discussion on prevention through design strategies and associated controls for hazard elimination.
•Section to describe how preplanning can contribute to overall project site effectiveness.
•Discussion how owner involvement can contribute to maintaining safe construction projects while reducing costs and improving operational excellence. 

Chapter 16: Steel Erection (significantly revised)
•An expanded discussion for best practices to prevent steel erection incidents, and specifically
•Comprehensive overview for 100 percent fall protection for all aspects of steel erection is discussed
•Expanded section on steel erection prejob planning

Chapter 18: Ladders (new chapter)

Chapter 28 : Industrial Hygiene, Part 2 (new chapter)

Chapter 29: Ergonomics (new chapter)