Northwest Chapter Streams Chapter Presentation

The annual combined program with ASSE’s Northwest Chapter and AIHA’s Upper Midwest Section broke new ground when their scheduled speaker, Dr. William Johnson, FAA Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor for Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance Systems, received word that he would be unable to travel to Minnesota 3 weeks prior to the event. Different options were reviewed, but ultimately, the partners agreed to try the Northwest Chapter’s WebEx account to stream the presentation on “The ABC’s of ZZZ’s” live from Dr. Johnson’s office.


ASSE’s Northwest Chapter uses WebEx to host meeting speaker WIlliam Johnson via Internet.

Rick Johnson, chapter board member and technical guru, ran a test the week prior to the meeting to ensure functionality. The technology setup allowed Dr. Johnson to see the 64 on-site participants and for the audience to see him throughout the presentation. In addition, there were 27 viewers at an off-site location and another five individual viewers from areas across the Northwest Chapter’s territory.

The presentation provided an overview of six human factors models, including James Reason’s Swiss Cheese Model, and Dr. Johnson’s own PEAR model, which focuses on the impact of fatigue as it relates to human factors. He reviewed several fatigue-related plane crashes and how circadian rhythms have played a role in many man-made disasters such as Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

He showed examples of FAA fatigue education and interventions, which warranted some amazing tools to help with a fatigue management plan. The finishing touch was the ROI tool on the site to help those in attendance and virtual participants to be able to show the financial impact of interventions.