OSHA Publication Acknowledges ASSE Efforts After Hurricane Sandy

The March 2013 issue of OSHA’s Alliance Quarterly Review acknowledges and commends ASSE’s response efforts in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. In the aftermath of the storm, ASSE reached out to its membership and encouraged them to donate personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety gear for recovery worker preparing for the cleanup.

As OSHA conducted it’s own outreach, ASSE’s regional offices’ collected cases upon cases of donated equipment from safety professionals and companies across the country. The ASSE Foundation (ASSEF) contributed to the “Sandy PPE Fund” given to ASSE’s New York City Chapter for the purchase of PPE that chapter members then distributed to recovery workers. In addition to the funding from ASSEF, the New York City Chapter held a fundraiser on Nov. 29, 2012, raising $5,000 in contributions.

ASSE President Rick Pollock, CSP, thanked ASSE members for their efforts. “This opportunity to work with OSHA to help recovery workers be safe as they helped communities restore their homes and businesses impacted by Hurricane Sandy is a testament to the empathy of ASSE members. As SH&E professionals, they understand the potential dangers to workers repairing infrastructure elements while helping people put their lives back together,” said Pollock. “I’m proud to be able to thank ASSE’s members for this remarkable response.”