PSJ Readers’ Choice Results for 2014

The votes are in. Professional Safety readers have selected the following four articles as their top picks for 2014:

  • Personal Protective Equipment: An Antecedent to Safe Behavior? by Jason Dean (February) 33% (18 votes)
  • Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome: Protecting Powered Hand Tool Operators by Mark B. Geiger, Donald Wasserman, Steven G. Chervak, Craig M. Henderson, Elizabeth Rodriquez-Johnson and Aimee Ritchey (November) 9%  (5 votes)
  • Incident Investigation: Our Methods Are Flawed by Fred A. Manuele (October) 9%  (5 votes)
  • Employees: A Problem to Control or Solution to Harness? by Sidney Dekker (August) 7% (4 votes)

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