Q&A With ASSE President Tom Cecich

In an interview with Business Insurance, ASSE President Thomas F. Cecich, CSP, CIH, discusses ASSE’s blueprint for OSHA reform, summarizing its key recommendations.

Cecich discusses the Society’s recommendation that rather than increasing penalties for safety and health violations the agency instead design settlement agreements that require the company to spend resources to improve safety.

Cecich also explains the recommendation that the recordkeeping rule be rescinded. “We think the recordkeeping system overall needs to be improved in terms of how accidents are recorded [and] classified,” Cecich says. “It’s much better to have metrics around leading indicators as opposed to trailing indicators. . . . Because it’s a regulatory requirement, management focuses on that OSHA rate. Rather than look at what are proactive measures to improve safety, they’re always reacting to a blip that may appear. We think it sends the wrong message.”

Cecich also discusses the impact of Liberty Mutual’s decision to close the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety. “They put out applied research that was designed to help their policyholders reduce injuries and illnesses,” he says. “They should be applauded for the work they’ve done over the years. From a safety and health community standpoint, it really is a loss to the community.”

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